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Product Description

What is it?

The Nova Drone is an open source, analog experimental sound and light synth.
It it can be used to create effects ranging from slowly fading drones to chaotic harmonic sequences. It also functions as a complex visual pattern generator when combined with a digital/phone video camera. See the video below for an example of the color patterns generated by holding a camera up to the LED.

The NovaDrone offers 3 channels of sound and light. Each channel has the following features:

-TONE pitch coarse tune 24Hz to 750Hz
-TONE pitch fine tune
-LFO rate .008 Hz (around 1 cycle every 2 minutes) to 750Hz

-sync 1
-sync 2

–ext sync 3
-PITCH modulation
-LFO rate modulation

-TONE square wave
-TONE triangle wave
-LFO square wave
-LFO triangle wave
-PWM square wave
-High current LED out for off board LEDs.


The NovaDrone was designed (and continues to evolve) in collaboration with experimental musician and epic visionary G. Lucas Crane aka Nonhorse and with support from Perte De Signal in Montreal. I’d like to send a big thanks to Darsha and Robin at PDS for all their help. And I’ll be hi-fiving Lucas for the rest of my life for all the amazing work he’s done so far.


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